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Monday 10, June 2024

A Pink Carpet with a Powerful Message

Participating for the first time in the traditional Alfombras de Adeje event has been an incredibly enriching experience for our volunteers team of Walk for Life Foundation. This event, known for its cultural and artistic character, provided us the opportunity to join a community tradition and contribute our creativity and effort to a cause we are deeply passionate about: the fight against breast cancer.

This year, our volunteers came together to create a carpet that represents the beautiful mural adorning the new Pink Room headquarters. The mural, designed by Prana Arte, was reproduced on an ephemeral carpet, allowing us to bring this message to a broader audience, sharing our mission and values with everyone attending the event.

The process of creating the carpet was a labor of love and dedication. We worked in harmony, collaboration, and camaraderie, with each volunteer contributing their talent and energy to bring a design to life that is not only visually charming but also deeply emotional.

Thank you to everyone who made this participation possible and to those who supported and encouraged us throughout the day.

Fotos and Videos by Mario Dobrescu

Video Link 1 | Video link 2