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The Carrera por la Vida – Walk for Life Foundation is a charity initiative registered in the Canary Islands Registry of Foundations under number 349, which works to respond to the needs and demands of people and families affected by breast cancer, and raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer early detection.

The financial resources of Carrera por la Vida – Walk for Life Foundation depend on the activities carried out by volunteers and the donations from institutions, social groups and companies.

The Foundation develops its activity in the following areas:

  • Attention to people affected by breast cancer and their families through professional training and educational workshops, establishing opportunities for meeting, coexistence among equals and care support through the delivery of therapeutic equipment.
  • Awareness-raising, dissemination and sensitisation of breast cancer in the society as a whole. Breast self-examination and adherence to medical appointments as a means of early detection.
  • Collaboration and financial support to breast cancer research teams and studies, along with projects and initiatives run by other institutions, foundations and associations aimed at improving the quality of life of people affected by breast and other types of cancer.