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Friday 15, October 2021

The Walk for Life exceeded the 2020 number of participants

The Walk for Life foundation rose to the RACE FOR THE CURE challenge, the Europe-wide digital event that brought together individuals and groups to fight together against breast cancer. Given that no events with large attendances were allowed in 2020 or 2021 these two years were different but the European movement continued to work to raise funds to continue the foundation’s work to improve the quality of life of over 500,000 women and men who are diagnosed annually with breast cancer.

Since registration opened in July until October 10th the Walk for Life Foundation received support from many institutions, businesses, sports organisations, cultural associations, as well as volunteers from many walks of life, with over 2,500 registered participants, whose activities and donations raised €23,000. Of the 32 countries in the Think Pink Europe movement, Spain was 4th this year in terms of numbers registered and had one of the greatest impacts in social networks and general media presence.

For the Walk for Life president, Brigitte Gypen, “it is emotional to see how many people – those I know, those I don’t, families, institutions, companies, clubs, throughout Spain – how we come together and showed the over-130,000 women and men in this country who are diagnosed annually with breast cancer that we stand with them”.

Participants all over the country, from their homes and towns, filled social media with photos and videos of themselves walking, running, being active for this solidarity cause, helping those affected and their families. The challenge for the Foundation, being the only organising body for Spain for this digital event, was to gather as many registrations as they could, and with the help of bodies such as the Tenerife Cabildo and the Adeje and Arona councils, as well as those many organisations who created their teams, they exceeded expectations.

The Walk for Life foundation, who have been behind this movement for the last 16 years, will see that the monies raised go directly to the areas needed to maintain information programmes, assistance for patients and families and research into reducing the health and personal damage breast cancer does.