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Monday 28, January 2019

The importance of asking questions when receiving a diagnosis

And then comes the moment you get the diagnosis…breast cancer. That’s when you need to ask your doctors the most important questions even though your head isn’t ready to cope yet. Take a pen and paper with you, a digital or tape recorder (even your phone). Bring a friend if you want so afterwards you can go through everything again calmly.

These are some of the questions we suggest you should ask:

  • What type of breast cancer do I have?
  • Is the tumour encapsulated? Is it an aggressive cancer?
  • What tests have I had and what are the results?
  • What tests do I still need to have?
  • What treatment is being suggested?
  • What is the treatment goal or goals? Prevention? Cure? Preventing further growth or spread? Pain relief?
  • What are the side effects?
  • Do I have a say or choice regarding any of the treatments?
  • Can I be cured?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • Where can I get help to discuss finance planning/questions?
  • Where can I go for psychological help or assistance from social services?

Never be afraid to ask whatever questions you may have – questions regarding how this affects your chances of having children in the future, your sexuality, etc.