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Monday 31, October 2022

The Walk for Life Foundation has been named as an award winner in the seventh edition of the Premios Taburiente by the DIARIO DE AVISOS Foundation

These awards recognise people and bodies for their outstanding work socially.

During an emotional gala event the Walk for Life received this award, “as a perfect example of generous and active solidarity, with actions that make a difference“.  The president of the Walk for Life foundation, Brigitte Gypen, dedicated the award to the persons affected by breast cancer and the volunteers “for always being excellent examples of strength and dedication“.

The DIARIO DE AVISOS Foundation collaborates and supports various of the Walk for Life projects, and this award is another example of the commitment of the team at the DIARIO DE AVISOS group to the fight against breast cancer in the Canary Islands.

Along with the Walk for Life Foundation the other prize winners were sportsman Carlitos Páez, one of the Andes plane accident survivors, journalists Pepe Domingo Castaño and Cristina García Ramos,  businessman Juan Pelayo, the Canarian Popular Cultural Centre, timple player Benito Cabrera, humourist Manolo Vieira, singer Valeria Castro and tenor Jorge de León.  There was also a special prize for the civil population of Ukraine.