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Monday 23, November 2020

Inauguration of the new Pediatric Hospital of La Candelaria

Since last Friday, November 20, La Candelaria Hospital has new facilities of a Pediatric Day Hospital for outpatient care of patients who require cancer treatment and diagnostic tests, and thus avoid hospital admission. This project has had an investment of 77,820 euros.

Inauguración con asistencia organizaciones

The Carrera por la Vida / Walk For Life Foundation helped raise funds for this project by organizing a painting exhibition. Other organizations such as the Fundación Adrián Hoteles also participated, which was also joined by the Fundación Niños con Cáncer Pequeño Valiente and the Fundación Canaria CajaSiete ‘Pedro Modesto Campos’.

The new facilities of the Day Hospital of the Pediatric service of the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria are located on the same floor of children’s hospitalization.

This outpatient treatment space allows chemotherapy treatments for pediatric cancer patients. As a novelty, the new day hospital incorporates a new pediatric oncohematology and palliative care clinic, a medicine preparation room, rest area for health personnel and adapted services for girls and boys with mobility problems.

In addition, in this space diagnostic tests are also carried out in specialties such as pediatric endocrinology and digestology, as well as specific treatments in other pediatric areas such as hematology, nephrology or neurology.

With these contributions, the healthcare activity carried out by the Pediatric service will be maintained, currently adapted to COVID-19, which in 2019 involved 1,727 consultations, thus avoiding hospital admission for pediatric patients.

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