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Saturday 27, April 2019

Arona addresses oncological diseases at the II Health Fair

The Carrera por la Vida | Walk For Life Foundation was present at the II Arona Health Fair, “We Are With You”, developing actions aimed at oncological diseases. Our information stand provided information to the entire audience.

From the health area of the City of Arona, actions are carried out aimed at disclosing those issues that could have a special impact on health and on improving the quality of life of citizens.
Cancer affects 4% of the Spanish population, generating approximately 64 million euros per year for healthcare services. Given the high percentage of affected population, during this second edition of the Health Fair of Arona, we wanted to pay special attention to oncological diseases, being able to guide citizens on the different aspects of the disease.

Fundación Carrera por la Vida | Walk For Life, joined this initiative as part of its campaigns to inform the population about Breast Cancer.

This unique event in the southern region of the island, was developed in five specific days, within a broad informative program that ended on April 26.

More than 10 stands and various activities and conferences for all ages provided information about the disease. From how different types of cancer originate and affect life habits, to research, and current advances, new strategies, and personalized medicine. A program that was also complemented with information on grants and collaborations for affected families. In the case of Carrera por la Vida | Walk For Life Foundation, several informative talks were given on the projects that the foundation currently holds, such as: PROJECT BRA and SALA ROSA, among others.

More than 20 hours of information and advice in which the main organizations that work daily in the fight against cancer participated, such as, Pequeño Valiente, ÁMATE, Spanish Association Against Cancer and the Carrera por la Vida | Walk For Life Foundation.

The Councilor for Social Services, Elena Cabello, said at the opening ceremony that “we must take actions that can facilitate the daily life of our neighbors. For the government group, health is a priority and that is why we are committed to this project that not only provides information, but also responds to many of the circumstances in which citizens can be immersed “, to which he added,the Cancer is a disease that directly affects both patients and their families and it is essential to have the necessary support and advice. It is our duty to bring medical and social health resources closer together and work in harmony with the different associations.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the first conference “Evaluation and intervention of pediatric cancer: A multidisciplinary approach” was given by the Peño Valiente Association. Several professionals from the psychological, social and health branches were responsible for carrying out each of the activities, in the El Pescador Square and the Guaza room of the Los Cristianos Cultural Center.

The II Health Fair includes various workshops on food, self-exploration and healthy habits, early detection, aesthetic and oncological treatments, innovation and adapted physiotherapy. An event that also featured sign language interpretation during all the days.

Our work does not end at this fair, we continue every day from the headquarters of the Foundation informing, fighting and training.

Thanks to all the presents.