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Wednesday 15, November 2023

The sports project for the 2024 Dakar Rally was presented to the media by Rafael Lesmes and Brigitte Gypen. Raising visibility against breast cancer, representing 27 European countries, remains the main objective in Saudi Arabia.

The team led by Rafael Lesmes, Dakar Por La Vida, presented its sporting project at the Finca Canarias Aloe Vera in Telde. The event was attended by sponsors, the press, family members, and supporters of the Canarian team. Miguel Ángel Domínguez, the president of the Las Palmas Automobile Federation, was also in attendance.

DAKAR POR LA VIDA is a social responsibility project that emerged in 2023 as a result of the collaboration between Rafael Lesmes; the team (CUP 59) and the Fundación Canaria Carrera Por La Vida – Walk For Life, following several years of working together. The primary objective is to increase awareness about breast cancer, particularly in men. The toughest sporting event globally is an excellent forum to achieve this. In 2024, the project will extend its commitment by seeking funding for two specific projects ( targeting women and

Mental health is a priority for the Fundación Carrera Por La Vida – Walk for Life, and it is necessary to create a psychological service for people affected by breast cancer. Psychological intervention is crucial when receiving the diagnosis, throughout treatment, and after recovery. The mental well-being of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer is also influenced by their
environment, hence why the PINK MIND PROJECT will not only provide personalized care but also offer family therapy and facilitate support groups for breast cancer patients.

The Association of Male Breast Cancer Patients (INVI) is joining forces and efforts to make patients more visible and raise awareness among men who may also suffer from breast cancer. As part of their commitment to research, the INVI is seeking funding for the Oncological Research Project on Breast Cancer in Men, promoted by GEICAM, which is the first registry of breast
cancer in men in Spain, and the ARDERNE project, which will allow the situation and characteristics of this population to be analyzed in order to improve their diagnosis and treatment.

“I want to begin by expressing my gratitude for your unwavering support. We feel deeply honored”,  stated Rafa Lesmes, who is looking forward to experiencing Dakar in a truck for the first time. Dakar Por La Vida is a
social responsibility initiative established in 2023 through the collaboration of Rafael Lesmes´ team (CUP 59) and the Fundación Canaria Carrera Por La Vida – Walk for Life. The primary aim is to increase awareness of breast
cancer, particularly in men, and the world´s most demanding sporting event is a great showcase for this. Lesmes emphasized the significance of “collecting funds to support the psychological well-being of breast cancer patients, as well as the ARDERNE initiative”. He also added that “this is the first study for male breast cancer”, something that has not existed in Spain until now.

The president of the Fundación Canaria Carrera Por La Vida, Brigitte Gypen, expressed her delight: “Today we have witnessed the tremendous support that Rafa and his team have received, it's wonderful”. The special guest was proud not only of the people who took part but also of the importance of the event for the cause. Additionally, the president emphasized that: “We, from the Carrera Por La Vida Foundation, promote Sport, we see how powerful the world of motor sport can be to spread the message of prevention”, and she added: “We go further than we could ourselves, although the most important thing is to do it from the heart, and Rafa and all his team members certainly have that”, she concluded.