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Monday 23, May 2022

Following breast cancer surgery and medical assessment, some patients choose to have their nipple and dark area, also known as areola, reconstructed through the micro-pigmentation aesthetic technique.

The “Solidarity Areolas” project

It was created by the ÁMATE Association and currently, the Carrera por la Vida Foundation finances the micro-pigmentation treatment for restoring the appearance of the breast after surgery or mastectomy which involves the removal of the areola.

Pigmentation allows the reproduction of the entire removed areola, camouflaging scars, or matching the colour, size and position of the newly pigmented areola with the remaining one, therefore promoting the aesthetic and psychological recovery of the patient.

For more information, please send an email to info@carreraporlavida.org, contact form or call 646 961 895.

Photo: Fayna Pérez, specialist in paramedical and oncological micropigmentation